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Quick Measure™️ Adjustable Measuring Spoon


New to the kitchen and having trouble finding the perfect measurement for your favorite dishes?

We have the perfect product to make your life easier. The perfect sugar for your first cake to the precise spice measurement for your salsa sauce, this silicone product will make sure that you get just the right amount of every ingredient.

Made up with a 100% Food Grade material, this spoon will make sure that you put your health on first priority while maintaining the perfect taste for every dish. 

Tough and durable companions to make your everyday life easier and precise, these adjustable scale measuring spoons are committed to making your homemade cooking experience better. 

From simplest chocolate pies to the most complicated Tiramisu, impress everyone with every bite of precision. 

A simple measurement tool, these adjustable measuring will make sure that your dishes will have a precision secret that nobody else has!

The perfect device sitting in your spoon cabinet, this adjustable measuring spoon is just waiting to provide your dishes the something extra they need. 

I love the measuring spoon because it cuts down the clutter in my kitchen drawer. I do not have to hunt for different sizes 

- Tasha Rigual




  • Tough and Durable Making For Long Sturdy Companionship in the Kitchen 

  • Food Grade Material to Make Sure That Every Meal Is Healthier

  • Simple Sliding Adaptor to Find Your Desired Increment

  • Lightweight and Portable Design to Adjust Itself in Any Place

  • Eco-Friendly Material That won’t Affect the Flavors of Your Ingredients

Tough and Durable Making For Long Sturdy Companionship in the Kitchen 

Tough and sturdy silicone making sure that your measurements are not messed up with just a durable product sitting in your kitchen.

Food Grade Material to Make Sure That Every Meal is Healthier

Understanding the need for health in every bite, this product makes sure that every bite of your food that touches your tongue is healthy along with being delicious

Lightweight and Portable Design

A simple and lightweight design, this spoon will make sure that you don’t have to spend your time understanding the measurements of different types of spoons

Simple Sliding Adaptor to Find Your Desired Increment

A simple change of slider to find the perfect measurement. Whether you are a professional chef or just a new addition to the cooking community, this product is designed to make your life easier. 

Eco-Friendly Material, Good for Taste and Environment

A product good for your tongue and the environment, this silicone spoon is made up of recycled materials. Ease your conscious with this amazing new addition to your kitchen cabinet!

Five Different Measurement Adjustments for Every Dish

Whether You Are Making Your Favorite Chocolate Cake or Finding Your Dinner to Be Hakka Noodles, This Spoon Will Make Sure That Your Ingredients Are Precise to the Grain!


So whether you are baking for a simple dinner with friends, or having a bake-off with your competition at your child’s school, you now have the perfect partner to do that with.

A sure-shot way to give your instinctive addition of ingredients the magic touch of precision, this adaptable spoon welcomes you to a world of a mouth-watering taste of food. 

Give your food the ultimate test of precision and taste with this revolutionary new measuring device that will make sure you measure right to the grain. 

Bring order to your unlimited creativity. Food has never tasted better.



- Liza Kurt

Product works just as it should. No more ring full of tiny spoons to keep in the drawer, now you only need this one tool for all your spoon measuring needs. All the other adjustable measuring spoons I've had only measure teaspoons or tablespoons, but this one does it all. I recommend this product if you want to simplify your kitchen drawer.

- Christy Debut

Nice little measuring spoon that eliminates a whole gaggle of those little measuring spoons that filled up my kitchen drawer. Pieces slide well and lock into place where you need them.

Fairly heavy plastic, with care should last quite a while. While it is listed as dishwasher safe, I clean it by hand hoping the lettering will hold up over time.

- Lana Atkinson

This is the best measuring spoon. I bought it several months ago and have washed in the dishwasher and it still looks and works as if it is brand new.Going to be purchasing another as a gift. It saves space in my drawers so I don't have to keep the ring with different sizes. Makes life so much easier.


  • 1 x Quick Measure™️ Adjustable Measuring Spoon


  • Material: ABS, PP, TPR

  • Weight: 35g

  • Color: Green / Grey

  • Size: 22 x 3.5 cm/8.7 x 1.4 in



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Rated by 157 customers

Quick Measure™️ Adjustable Measuring Spoon


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